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Again, welcome to my website. Firstly, I want to emphasize is that this website is not only for professional stuff but to introduce me as a whole person to anyone who has interests. Also, it is my first version of my website, please kindly provide your advice and opinions. As you can tell, pink is my favorite color, which has a reason. When I was a teenager, My mom hates pink. She keeps telling me that pink is a color that only for girls. While as a teenager, I disagree everything with my mum, which makes me pick pink as my favorite color. I have a crazy time when I buy everything pink. Also, for those who is also android fans (or google fans) may notice that I use material design for this website. Yes, I am a huge Android fan. In my primary school, my first phone is an android phone, which is exceptionally cheap but more potent than the popular Nokia at that time. The open-source fact of android makes me possible to reboot any UI I like to my phone, and I can do nearly anything as I wish (I deleted "phone" and "message" for fun one time). And I stick to an android phone whole time. Currently, I never boot my phone and even not use root permission, but my love of material design makes me stick to android as more and more peers turn into iPhone. I remember the time when the material design was released by Google at Google I/O; I just cannot wait to reboot to android 5 to experience it. Finally, the photo is shot in the Channel Islands National Parks. More details can be seen in the journey tags.

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