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On the Spring Break of 2020, I attended the Austin Immersions organized by UMich University Career Center. It is an extremely fun chance to visit six companies of different styles in Austin and have the chance to explore the city. We visited some relatively large companies such as Google, Indeed and Ebay and relatively smaller companies like RetailMeNot and box. I am impressed by the innovative environment and it is a great chance to learn what quality they expect for an new software engineer and better plan my future career path.

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On a weekend of Nov 2019, I travelled with the backpacking club to the Wilderness State Park in North Michigan. It is my first time to North Michigan also my first time to drive in States after I got driving license here. Though cold, it is impressive to see the Lake Michigan and Lake Huron from a different part. We hike along the lake for a whole afternoon and watch the sunrise in the next morning. It is also extremely fun to have barbecues and play card games in the evening. I met a lot of new people and learned a bit of how to play Euchre (a popular card game in Michigan), which I have never known before.

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In order to understand different culture here in Ann Arbor and improve my oral English, I signed up for the conversation Circle organized by LSA School. Each circle haves a leader who is local American students, and all other students have different cultural backgrounds. We meet every week to share about our lifestyle, our hobbies, and our cultures as well as practice oral English. In the thanksgiving week, our leader Kirsten Lam organized a friend giving event. It is a fantastic opportunity to share foods with others and learn about the traditions of Thanksgiving Day.

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To better understand how blockchain works and the current application of blockchain in the industry, I attend the blockland solution conference with Michigan Blockchain Club. During the conference, I have the opportunity to attend several workshops to learn the application in the industry and meet lots of fun peers who also have interests in the Blockchain. In a seminar, a speaker share the application of the blockchain in the food industry. They use the immutablity of the blockchain to trace the whole process of the food production, which makes consumers feel more reliable.

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Can you recognize me? I am at the middle of the top wearing a dark green cloth. It is my first time to serve as a vice leader for a backpacking trip in Shanghai Jiao Tong University. Our leader teams of three students are responsible the entire trip from advertising, registration, equipment arrangement, transportation arrangement to leading the team safely in the process. For my two years in Shanghai, I have attended around ten trips with peers in the club. I extremely love backpacking and I meet lots of fun friends in this community. For such a regular trip, usually more than half of the students are the first-time backpackers. We hope that more students could join us and explore the beauty of the nature together.

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Last Winter break, I went to California with my friends. We rent a car and drive along the No.1 Road from San Francisco to Los Angeles. It is just amazing. It is a photo I take with my phone on the Santa Cruz Island in the Channel Islands National Park. On the boat to the island, there are countless cute dolphins surrounding the boat. While on the island, there are tons of small cute foxes and birds. While the sea view is also extremely amazing. Also, it is very impressive to learn that the island has a long human history of thousands of years and it becomes a place for sheep and cattle ranch in the 16th century. While Just around 20 years ago, the island is suffering from huge amounts of non-native pigs and it takes the government several years to catch all the pigs and restore the environment of the island. Currently, as the volunteers introduced, the environment of the island is becoming better and better each year.

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