Photo Sharing Social Networking Service

• Built posts, comments and likes functions with React/JS and Flask REST API to update the page contents after users’ operations without refreshing

• Supported login, logout and other accounts functions with password encrypted by hash algorithms

• Supported infinite scroll and the browser history when with React and History API to offer smooth user experiences

• Designed the templates with HTML, Jinja, and CSS to make the website more intuitive and user-friendly

Social Media Database System

• Designed the schema of the database system of a social media platform

• Built several efficient functions of the database, such as finding users with specific first names, finding nearby users, and friends recommendation based on the existed friendship, hobbies, and locations with JDBC

Complier of Object-Oriented Language Decaf

• Built a preprocessor to handle comments and macros and a scanner to identify tokens with lex and regular expression

• Used shift/reduce parsing method to generate abstract syntax trees based on the tokens matched

• Implemented scope checking by building symbol tables and type checking by applying inference rules

• Currently working on IR generation, IR optimization, code generation and optimization process of the compiler

Parking-Lot-Simulation Program

A parking lot simulation game implemented with C++ and OpenGL.

Hotel Management System

A Hotel Management System implemented by C.